Phenolic Nameplates

When Ordering Engraved Nameplates/Signs

1. Select Material

  • Twinply Ultra – for exterior/interior use, scratch resistant, UV resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 180°F. Comes in matte or satin finish.
  • Other materials available upon request.
  • Beveling is an option for engraved plates greater than a 1/2” high.

2. Choose Lettering

Indicate any special lettering styles or heights required. Otherwise, a standard
lettering will be used and letter height will be determined by size of engraving

3. Choose A Color Combination

  • Black background w/ white letters
  • White background w/ black letters
  • Red background w/ white letters
  • And many other colors available

4. Specify The Text/Symbols Required

You can either mail, fax or e-mail your requirements over to Twinco. When sending via mail or fax, please write as neat as possible. When e-mailing your list (when text only) you can attach an Excel file to your e-mail. Column A would contain Line 1, Column B would contain Line 2, etc… If you have any questions on formatting, please call.

5. Mounting Options

  • High Strength Adhesive Backing
  • Mounting holes
  • Both

Engraved Nameplates/Signs

All Engraved Nameplates/Signs can have the following mounting options:

  1. Adhesive Backing
  2. Mounting Holes
  3. Both 1 & 2
  4. Neither

Numbered Terminal Strips

  • Standard Size of Terminal Strip is 1/2” Wide x 16” Long with letters/ numbers vertically placed.
  • Made From High Quality Engraving Material
  • White Background with 1/4” Black Numbers/Letters *
  • Adhesive Backing, Mounting Holes or Both **
  • NYCT Approved

* If a color other than white w/ black letters is needed, please indicate on purchase order.
** When ordering, please indicate what mounting options are required.

Ordering Information

Please indicate the following somewhere on your order:

• Style & Type of ID Product

• P/N (if available)

• color (background & lettering)

• wire diameter or wire # and type (for Style SSA)

• Purchase Order #

• Attn: and Ship to: information

• Phone #, Fax # or E-mail address

• Or any other information you feel necessary for your order

Files can be e-mailed to

For more information on formatting your order, please call Jayson Skowronek at (631) 231-0022.

Regarding of how information is sent to Twinco, it should be presented in the following format:

• Data should be presented in a simple spreadsheet format, preferably in an Excel file.

• The first row should be column headers designating line numbers

• If tags are being sent in Excel, Twinco prefers a worksheet be created for each style of tag. (Notice on picture below, there is a tab for each style of tag, Disc Tags, Flat Tags, etc.)

• When sending an Excel file, please do not put a quantity column. Instead actually copy and paste a particular nomenclature the number of times you need it.

Click to Download Sample Excel Sheet