Waterjet Services

Twinco offers water jet cutting services for all applicable products. Twinco is the ideal candidate for all of your cutting needs. We have a knowledgeable staff and we use the latest technology in abrasive waterjet cutting to put your ideas into motion. Whether you already have a comprehensive CAD drawing or just an idea, our engineering staff can assist you.

Our Tilt-A-Jet technology provides zero taper of material up to 6” thick, tighter tolerances, and less wasted material of sheets up to 60” x 120”. Our waterjet also features a 90,000 psi water pump which provides faster cutting times than most of our competitors, resulting in reduced costs to our customers.

We specialize in providing zero taper, high precision cutting of virtually all metallic and non-metallic materials.  Using the newest, most efficient technology available we are able to reduce our costs, offer faster turnaround time, and provide highly accurate quality parts.

The materials that we cut include (but are not limited to):


Steel & Stainless Steel


Exotic Alloys


Hardened Tool Steel




Rubber Composites



Water Jet Advantages

No Heat Affected Zone

Unlike plasma or laser cutting, very little heat is generated or even transferred to a part when waterjet cutting. The final result is that there is no heat affected zone (HAZ) created on the material. This is very important when working on tool steels, stainless steels, exotic alloys and other metals where heat could actually change the properties of the metal.

Quality Finish

With your choice of desired edge finish, waterjet cutting stands alone in comparison to laser cutting and plasma cutting. With a smoother, cleaner cut, free from heavy burrs and burnt edges, waterjet cutting translates to savings in your finishing costs.

Cost Savings

Waterjet cutting offers a wide variety of efficiencies which make it a great choice for almost any project. Savings can be achieved through effective material utilization from nesting parts, stacking material to decrease production time, high quality programming software, minimal tooling, etc.


Twinco has the capabilities to cut material thicknesses from shim stock/foils to plates up to 6” thick.  Worried about taper on your thicker materials? With our taper control technology we can alleviate nearly all taper using our Tilt a Jet Head.

Is cost a concern on your thinner materials?  We can often stack thinner materials to cut multiple parts out of a single cut, reducing the overall cost dramatically.

Cut Virtually Any Material

Waterjet machines offer great versatility when it comes to materials. From glass to composites, metal to acrylics, ceramics to foams, rubbers to plastics, granite, wood, tile, marble, and more – there is virtually no limit as to what we can cut.

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