Train Stop & Motor

  • Ensures Compliance of Restrictive Signals
  • Variety of Layouts Available
  • Approved by all major North American Transit Authorities

Product Synopsis

The Train Stop is used in conjunction with wayside signals in rapid transit systems to ensure observance of, and compliance with, restrictive indications. Failure to comply with the rules regarding such indications results in activation of the train’s braking system. Operation is completely automatic, entirely independent of any action on the part of the motorman.

The system functions by mechanical contact between a wayside trip arm and a trip cock lever on the underside of the train. The wayside trip arm is lowered when the signal is clear and is raised when the signal is at “stop” or “danger”. In the raised position, the trip arm will engage the trip cock lever of any train attempting to pass the signal, thus bringing it to a stop.

Train Stop Motor

  • Water Resistant
  • Maintenance Free
  • Oil Free
  • Motor & gear box integrated into one unit
  • Compatible with Twinco, GRS, & US&S Train Stops
  • Designed, Manufactured, & Assembled by Twinco

Product Details

Unit Design Information

  • Maximum drive down current at 110 VAC is 1.5 Amps
  • Maximum holding current at 110 VAC is 0.75 Amps
  • Final Output RPM 16
  • Renewable motor cable
  • O-rings used for water tight seal
  • Unit is sealed, no user serviceable parts inside
  • Unit weight 66 lbs.

Motor Design Information

  • 1/8 Hp, 90-110 VAC 60 Hz
  • Driving Current < 1.5 Amps
  • Holding Current < .75 Amps
  • Completely Encapsulated Stator Winding
  • High Temperature winding insulation
  • 3000 VAC insulation withstand test to ground for one minute

Gear Section Design Information

  • Case Hardened Gears
  • Overrunning clutch permanently lubricated
  • NSK brand, premium grade, double shielded ball bearings throughout
  • Hardened steel output shaft

* Motor available in both 60Hz (000-2081-3-0) & 25Hz (000-2081-4-0)


Fixed Trippers

Portable Light Weight Tripper – Part # 069-4976-1-0
Fixed Trip Kit, Rail Mount – Various Configurations, consult factory
Fixed Trip Kit, Tie Mount – Various Configurations, consult factory
TTC Portable Train Stop – Part # 225-3604-1-0


Twinco offers both Trip Arm Heaters and Circuit Controller heaters for your PS-1 Train Stops located in areas effected by snow and Ice. Consult with factory to determine which configurations and Part #’s suite your needs.


Twinco offers everything you will need to mount your Train Stops to your specific track configuration. With our highly trained staff of engineers we can create the perfect layout for every situation. Whether your Train Stop needs to be Vibration Isolated, mounted between or off track we are there to assist. Consult factory to learn more.

Trip Arm Adjustment Gauges

Twinco offers Trip Arm Adjustment Gauges to assist in the installation of the Train Stop Trip Arm Assembly. Consult factory to determine which gauge will work with your rail profile

Washboard Trip Arm Assembly

Twinco now offers an alternative to your standard Cast Iron Trip Arm Assembly. No more messing around with different size shims and periodic gauge verification. The New Washboard Trip Arm Assembly offers easy vertical and lateral adjustment and will ensure that your Trip Arm stays in gauge. Consult with the factory to learn more.