Impedance Bonds

  • Permits Overlay of Signal Currents in DC Territories
  • High Impedance, Wide Frequency Range
  • Meets AREMA Specifications
  • Many Variations Available

Product Synopsis

Twinco Impedance Bonds are a rugged, high quality, self-contained product, designed for electrified territories that utilize standard insulated joint isolation of signaling currents. With a long history of service and reliability with this product line, Twinco has been able to effectively support the North American market with thousands of units sold.

All components are contained in a low profile heavy duty housing, designed for mounting between the rails and across two adjacent ties. A heavy duty ramped, slip resistant, removable cover is provided for ease of installation, inspection, and weather resistance. The bonds are filled with oil or petrolatum to provide moisture and corrosion protection and to aid in cooling of the bond. All hardware is either stainless steel or zinc plated for corrosion resistance.

Twinco offers a variety of impedance bonds to suit numerous applications. In addition, customized models can be developed for special situations. For over 50 years Twinco has been manufacturing solutions for the needs of many rail/ transit customers. Please contact a Twinco sales representative, or the factory direct, to discuss your requirements.

Part # Table

Impedance Bond Layouts

Part # – Various, Consult Factory

Let Twinco help you design and supply the necessary mounting equipment for your Twinco Impedance Bonds. Layouts are engineered on a case by case basis and include all necessary hardware required to mount your Impedance Bonds to your track.

Aluminum Cover Kits

Part # – Various, Consult Factory

Twinco now provides a robust light weight alternative to your traditional Cast Iron Cover. Cover Kits are supplied with a Slip Resistant Aluminum Cover, polyurethane gasket and necessary mounting hardware.

Specialized Copper Bus Bars

Part # – Various, Consult Factory