Vital Relays and Contacts

  • Supplier of Both Vital and Non Vital Relays
  • Used in numerous Railroad and Transit Applications
  • Superior Quality
  • Meets OEM Requirements

Product Synopsis

Twinco has been manufacturing components for various style relays in the Rail & Transit Industry for nearly 50 years. Their Industry knowledge and manufacturing expertise have made them a go to source for obsolete or discontinued relay parts and accessories. Currently Twinco is the only known supporter of the PD-1, VR-1 and J Relays.

JBT-97 Vital Plug in Relay

Various Part #’s, Consult Factory

*Direct replacement for PD-1 Relay

VR-1 Contact Blocks

Various Part #’s, Consult Factory

J Relay

Series & Parallel Version – Part # 000-5236-1-0
Shunted Version – Part # 000-5236-2-0

Replacement Contacts

Various Part #’s Consult Factory


Relay Covers, Contact Blocks, Gasket Kits