At Twinco we believe that customer safety and satisfaction are the most important parts of our mission. We grew up in the contract metal working industry, mastering the skills required to successfully manufacture quality products.

Our 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility houses and operates some of the most modern, cutting edge machinery and processes in the world.  What sets us apart from the larger, more traditional signal and communication companies is our manufacturing abilities. We combine the best equipment and capabilities (listed below) with our knowledge of rail and transit applications, making Twinco uniquely qualified to design and manufacture solutions for the industry.

Fiber Laser Machine

  • Ability to cut a 120″ x 60″ sheet
  • High speed cutting
  • Fully automated pallet changer, for increased productivity
  • Material Range – All standard materials, including non-ferrous sheet metal, can be cut safely and flawlessly
  • Single Head Cutting
  • Collision Protection
  • Cuts a wide range of sheet thicknesses

Max. Sheet Thickness, Mild Steel — 20 mm
Max. Sheet Thickness, Stainless Steel — 16 mm
Max. Sheet Thickness, Aluminum — 12 mm
Max. Sheet Thickness, Copper — 4 mm
Max. Sheet Thickness, Brass — 4 mm

Abrasive Water Jet Machine

The 90,000 psi Water Jet can handle a wide variety of products including but not limited to: Carbon and alloy steels, Stone and Rock products, Plastics, Glass and Ceramics, wood, rubber, and various synthetic materials.

  • 145″ x 85″ x 6″ cutting surface
  • Capable of cutting a 120″ x 60″ sheet
  • Capability of cutting up to 6” thick materials
  • Tolerances to +/-.002
  • 90,000 PSI pump is faster and more productive
  • Taper Control Technology = No Taper
  • High Speed Rapid Positioning

3D Printer

Need a Rapid Prototype or 3D Model, with the addition of our 3D Printer, we can now create intricate 3D product mockups using ABSplus production grade thermoplastic. Call today for more information.


Our 300 ton Press Brakes allow for the fabrication of bent parts with great precision. With the ability to form material up to 12 ft in length, we have the flexibility to handle a multitude of operations, both simple and complex. Whether the material is thick or thin, precision is held to the tightest tolerances.

CNC Machining

Multi Axis Turning Capabilities: Our CNC Turning Machines provide speed and accuracy in the machining of all metals and plastics. +/-.0002 tolerances are routinely maintained.

Multi Axis Milling Capabilities: Using advanced processes and the latest equipment, we are able to machine virtually any material to any design requirement.  +/-.0002 tolerances are routinely maintained.

Casting and Molding

Include Compression Molding, Injection Molding, Transfer Molding, & Plastic Casting

Wire EDM Machine

With a full 4-axis machining capability, and +/- .0002 tolerance routinely achieved, we are prepared for intricate tool and die work or standard precision cutting operations. We have the ability to hold a work piece measuring up to 41” x 31” x 11.6” and weighing up to 3300 lbs.

Surface Processing

Include Abrasive Cleaning, Parts Washing, Vibratory Deburring, Painting & Priming, Black Oxide Finishing

Heat Treatment

Include Hardening, Annealing, & Stress Relieving

Joining Processes

Include Welding (Mig, Tig, & Spot), Brazing, Soldering, & Adhesive Bonding

Assembly Operations

Including Case Wiring, Cable Assemblies, Mechanical Assembly, Press Fitting, & Induction Shrink Fitting


Our stamping department features 7 machines ranging from 10 tons to 80 tons. We are capable of stamping a variety of materials with a multitude of thicknesses. Other stamping activities include Coining and Embossing.