Workforce Development

Workforce Development

As the manufacturing sector advances on Long Island, the pathways to developing and acquiring talent are also changing to keep pace. Here at Twinco we try and ideally remain equipped to define the skills needed to succeed, but we cannot do it alone.

Our partnership with NYS Department of Labor Apprenticeship Program, which brings together local high schools, community colleges and employers, has taken hold as a viable training approach for our employees and potential new hires.

In September 2019, Raul Flores who has been employed with Twinco since October 2017 became the first CNC Apprentice on Long Island, he is currently enrolled at Suffolk Community College Advanced Manufacturing CNC Program.  Through this collaboration with NYS Department of Labor, Twinco is reaping the benefits of several programs, to name a few Tool & Die Maker, Industrial Manufacturing Technician and Quality Assurance Auditor; namely as a way to develop a highly skilled and qualified workforce that is certified, highly motivated and work-ready.

In 1994 Twinco partnered with Commack Highschool which provided an element that differentiates an Apprenticeship Program from other programs; the alignment and connectivity between academic learning and hands-on, practical on the job training was unique and resulted in a deeper level of knowledge, skills and ability for the apprentice/employee.

Twinco will maintain its commitment to support the Apprenticeship Program which we feel is critical to continue to create productive employees.